Wolf is a fire beast. It uses its own crystal, which is extremely powerful compared to most other crystals. It also has a secondary crystal which can be merged into it's existing one. However, if this were to happen, the beast would become so strong that it would turn rampant and destroy the world, and itself.

Elemental Forces crystalEdit

The Elemental Forces crystal features all elements (ground, air, fire, water) and is normally inside Wolf. If it was to be found by another trainer, it would efficiently be useless, as it only activates on hearing FusionxWolf's voice say 'Wolf'. When it hears FusionxWolf say 'return', it also deactivates.


Wolf was found as a baby by FusionxWolf and was given armour and the Elemental Forces crystal. Wolf was then trained and became the second most powerful beast in history. His armour is ¼ titanium A, ¼ titanium B, ¼ iron and ¼ plastic.


  • Shadow Swipe
  • Danger Claw
  • Evade
  • Dark Kick