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  • The Legend Bladers

    As you can see,there is a little group of Users,that break the rules of Beasts,somehow they dont know they have been caught,so I am writing a blog post.This is also about breaking rules in Chat.

    Well,dont get this or else you're doomed,A Chatbox Scratch is a Record of those who break the rules such as G-Modding,Socking,and Cheating in a Beast Fight,you are give 3 warnings if you break the rules

    KyoyaBladeX (First he had changed a Beast to another Side,second he G-Mod)

    Sun Blaze Reborn - (First he G-Mod,second he is a sockpuppet,because he has a previous account named EarthEagle2987)

    As the result those who break the rules will be banned.If you have 3 SCRATCHES,you will be BANNED.

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