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    Hi Guys!

    August 21, 2012 by BlazeX3

    Hey Guys, I'm BlazeX3, You can call me Blaze. I am an Indian and I live in Kolkata. I know Code language and Javascript. I also have a good Grammar. I wish to be an admin here in this wiki and My Promise on myself is to become one before the end of this year. I feel like... like... You know, Punching yourself because you missed something and you know you could have not missed it? I joined just the next day after the founder ZeroBladeX left. And I've been in this wiki since the Middle of July. *slaps myself* I asked the Head of this wiki if I could Become an admin and he said "Not until you gain my trust and you have 60 edits". Well, Now I have 76 Edits. And Now I have to gain Thisistheworld's trust. Good bye and See ya! :D

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