Shadow Wing Pegasus is the shadow form of the beast Rider, and is of the ultimate type beast. This beast has the same power and stats of Rider, but is Dark. The beast controls all the negative power, including the power of the shadow beasts except Night Wandarer. It has the Dark Enforcer Crystal.


The Beast was a light beast at first, but decided to decieve his Six brothers to gain the ultimate form of power. He was far more powerful than expected by his brothers. So Two of his brothers gave their life forms to seal the Gateway to the Bridge which connected the Light World and the Dark World. After that, this beast was also sealed in the Temple of Darkness and without any master battled freely.

Crystal: Darkness EnforcerEdit

Darkness Enforcer is the most powerful Shadow crystal which created Shadow Wing Pegasus. It has the power to absorb all the elements of the world. It can also use all the elemental powers at one time. It has a huge power after all, which makes it the most powerful beast after Night Wandarer.


The Beast is a Pegasus, but is black coloured. It has the opposite qualities of the beast Rider but is sometimes angry that no one can stop him. He is very hard-hearted, merciless but without any pride.


  • Ultimatium Force
  • Speed Gate
  • Smasher Crusher
  • Dark Gateway