Shadow is the ultimate beast (but reborn) owned by the Flame Blader Sun Blaze. It appears in the animes Deploy and Destroy and Wind Riders. This beast was found in the volcano. It was locked from ages and finally freed by Sun Blaze Reborn. In the past period, it was used as a weapon to destroy the universe with the help of dark power. But Sun uses no dark power and wants to help the nature with this bey.


As told before,the bey was found in a volcano.So it gained the power of fire.In history,Shadow could not be controlled by everyone,a chosen owner is required for that purpose.Hohokam was one of the great leaders who was able to control Shadow.But he took the help of dark power.After that,the beast was sealed(preserved) and finally found by the reborn Sun Blaze.

Crystal:Volcanic ErruptorEdit

The beast of Shadow owns the Volcanic Erruptor crystal which is one of the most powerful crystals.It increases the bey's offense strength.If the crystal is activated,Shadow's temperature rises/increases above 900 degree centegrate which is very harmful for the opposing beast.If the full power of the crystal is unleashed,both the owner and the beast comes in rage and destoys everything that comes in it way.


The beast of Shadow depicts a bird covered with fire all over it's body.Its similar to the beast of Dranzer.The wings of Shadow have a lot of firey part than the other parts of the body.


  • Defense Drive
  • Offense Drive
  • Ultimate Blow
  • Maximum Destroyer Enforcer