Phoenix is the second most powerful Shadow Beast.He is one of the four most Powerful Shadow Beast and the


Shadow of the Beast'Shadow owned by Sun Blaze Reborn.Phoenix is owned by BestofAll.The beast looks almost same but has Dark Energy instead of Light Energy.It has the power of Ice instead of that of Fire.This is because of the opposite power that created the Shadow Beasts.This Beast has also the power of Ice


This beast was also found at the temple mentioned in the fan-area Deploy and Destroy.When the archeologist with his students went there,the beasts were realeased and the beast chose Best of All as its dark owner.

Crystal: IceEdit

The Ice crystal formed the beast Phoenix.It has the power of both ice and water and with the help of it the beast can use both the powers at the same time and when the beast surrounds the opponent and the crystal being activated the other beast will freeze.

Beast: PhoenixEdit

The beast looks all the same like Shadow but is blue in colour and has dark power.


Ultimate blowing smash-Using this move Phoenix absorbs the opponent's attack and uses it for his offense.

Dark Destruction-Using this move Phoenix destroys everything around.

Destroyer Enhance-Phoenix shoots a power blast from his body which follows the opponent.

Roar force-Phoenix howls and then tries to make the opponent a shadow beast.

Special Smasher-A move that can't be dodged,very fast,can't be survived.