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Night Wanderer is another most powerful Shadow beast owned by the dark blader Alex (Kyoya Blade X). Though it is a Shadow beast, it plays singly, fairly without any kind of help and cheating. This beast was preserved in the mountainous rocks mentioned in the Fan-Area Deploy and Destroy. It has various powers like first of all Darkness, Water and Metal.

The beast and the owner can combine or exchange their energy.


The beast of Darkness was found in that temple mentioned above. It was prisoned in a wall apart from the four pictures. In the centre of the mountain was a square thing which prisoned This Warrior. So when the archeologist with all his students went there and when examining the rocks, the beasts unleashed their powers and in this way, Wanderer also escaped but chose the owner Alex.

Crystal: DoomEdit

The beast of Night Wanderer was created with the help of a dark crystal named Doom Crystal. It is shaped like a


skull which depicts the meaning of the crystal that is death. This crystal gives the beast a tremendous amount of energy and various powers and controls water, darkness, metal, temperature (not heat), air, light and so on. It has also made the beast Shadow to a Shadow beast. It has a lot of power.

Beast: WandererEdit

He wanders
Night Wanderer is a shadow beast. It looks like a warrior dressed in dark colors. His body colour is also dark. This Wanderer beast has modes. Normal mode beast's picture is given above. It has Light mode, through which he converts a beast from Light to Darkness. And he wanders with a horse. He also has Battle Mode and Battle Ultimatium Mode.


  • Doom Arrive-The Beast uses dark energy and a black portal opens.Then it swallows the opponent's beast and defeats it.This move can't be dodged.But only some powerful beasts can survive.
  • Cronter Slash-An unbeatable dark move.Wandarer with his horse beats the opposing beast with his twin-edge-sword and defeats.This move can't be survived but can be dodged who has a lot of speed.
  • Spirit Destroyer-An ultimate dark move.It is only to be used by Night Wandarer and no shadow beasts.This move destroys light beast spirit and force them on becoming Shadow.This move needs a lot of power.
  • Death Strike-The most powerful move of Wandarer.This move can't be seen.It is a move formed by all the above moves fused together.Can't be dodged,can't be survived.


  • Battle Rage mode
  • Battle mode
  • What a power during the move Cronter Slash