This wiki has grown popular with advertising and chat parties!! As you know this wiki has a nice founder!! So level a message on the founders wall if you need him/her help and she/he will get back to you. Also chat and edit. You can make friends that way and its much easier to know the people who work on this wiki to know them and ask 1 question insted of 20. So need help leave of message on an admins wall they will get back to you. So you wont have to miss anything ill do hr updates so you wont miss a thing!! You can advertise your wikis here!! (In chat). But only for chat parties and if you need editors. Also obey the rules that are given to you. If you don't you could be blocked or banned from chat!! So obey and admin or founder here. I hope you have fun with all the fun activities and pages this wiki has to offer for you!! Create your profile!!! Add and edit pages!! Keep up to date on the news!!! But before you add or edit ask an admin or if you are an admin ask a founder. Don't be rude or mean to any other user,founder and or admin working on the wiki. Have any questions contact a founder or admin!! Stay safe!! Keep up with the news every hour.