Galab 310 is the second most powerful beast in BattleBeasts. It is owned by Thisistheworld. It is part of of the anime: Wind Riders


The Samaxy is the Light beast Of Galab 310. It looks like a galaxy.
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The Galab was found in a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It was created When the touch screen came in contact with Thisistheworld's finger. It is a year and a half old.

Crystal: Fire FledgeEdit

The crystal is Fire Fledge. It can control fire and create it anytime.

Beast: Galab 310Edit

Galab 310 is a beast that looks like a tab, But it has got a life and when it comes to life it turns into a 12 foot monster. The monster looks harmless, but It can Destroy anything on order of Thisistheworld.
Galab 310

Galab 310 normal mode


  • Galaxy hole-Galab makes a black hole and sucks the beast into itself,after 10 seconds he spits them out
  • Comet rush-Galab sends comets rushing down on the opponents
  • Asteroid shot-Galab makes everything slo mo and shoots a projectile almost felling the opponent
  • Star slap-Galab Summons stars which keep slapping the beast till it is ko'ed