To Create a Beast you must use this format in this wiki.





*Not important For more specific info, scroll down:

My Shadow/Light BeastEdit

Hey, this is just information on how to create a beast. Dont use exactly the same words as I use. This is the introduction. You can also add a picture of your beast to the right hand side of the page.


Write your beast's history here. For example "Name of your beast" was found in So and so.

Crystal : (Name of your crystal)Edit

Write the information of your crystal. After writing this, complete the rest of your beast and create your new crystal. If a crystal of the same name of yours exists already, you will be asked to change your crystal.

Create a seperate page describing your crystal with a picture afterwards.

Beast : (name of your beast)Edit

Write About your beasts here.


Write the moves of your beast here. A beast should have at least 3 moves.