Dark Fire Guardian is a Shadow Beast owned by Chao Havik (BaRrAcUdA111). Although it is a Shadow Beast it does not use foul-play to win. It arose from the depths of the UnderWorld where Cerberus fused with the Crystal: Burning Guard. It has various powers such as: Metal, Fire and Darkness.  


Dark Fire Guardian came from the UnderWorld where Hades and Cerberus resides. One day Cerberus sent up a Crystal to Earth. Cerberus fused with that Crystal, which is call Burning Guard, and went up to Earth himself. It wasn't found ever until a little boy, named Chao Havik, stumbled upon it where he picked it up. It sent dark energy to his mind where he could telepathically talk to the Shadow Beast.

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Where Dark Fire Guardian came from.

Crystal: Dark FireEdit

Burning Guard merged with Cerberus being set to Earth. It grants powers such as: Metal, Fire and Darkness (as listed above). Whoever touches Burning Guard first can telepathically communicate with it. It look's like a stone that holds fire.

Dream Fire Stone Sprite

Dark Fire the Crystal.

Beast: GuardianEdit

Guardian is Cerberus fused with, not anger, but evil, and that is why it is called Guardian. Guardian has 3 heads that have Nth Metal helmets. Each head has two jaws (the smaller jaw being inside the larger jaw), Nth Metal spines and 2 pairs of glowing red eyes. The middle head is the largest. The back legs also have Nth Metal spines and all legs have 5 claws. Guardian also has a tail covered in Nth Metal plating. The beast's noses have a ring around them for no apparent reason at all. And finally Guardian's skin is slightly scaly and purple. Guardian also has 3 other forms called Revolting Form, Bull Form and Lava Form.

Cerberus by genzoman-d3kkisd

Cerberus or Guardian.


Hell Portal: Guardian teleport them to Hell/UnderWorld where he kicks them in to lava. This move cannot be missed but some beasts may survive!


  • Dark Fire The Crystal
  • Cerberus/Guardian
  • Hell/UnderWorld
  • Cerberus/Guardian Bull Form
  • Cerberus/Guardian Lava Form
  • Cerberus/Guardian Revolting Form