This is a story and a roleplay, for those who want to participate, please contact Legend. Okay, so this page will be very long, it will have about like 20 parts long, (which must have 30 chapters), so we need alot of users to help this story. So, enjoy!

Introduction (Part I)Edit

In another dimension, a world called Alpha, it is same like Earth, but it is still in medieval times. A king named "King Theon the Good", had 13 knights of the Rectangalur Table, their names are: Sir Selph, Lith, Tanis, Nut, Lye, Arew, Velyn, Valen, War, Battle, Ton, Rust, and Bel. They were the most trusted knights, but one, Selph, he went to a treasure room and found "Doom Armory" which were corrupted with evil; the armor attached to him, making him evil, as soon he got out of the room, he damaged the knights, and ran off. Then, he was able to do nercomancy, and started to build undead minions, and made an undead dragon, to fly his new castle. Now, he is attempting to defeat King Theon, to rule over Alpha.

Characters  (Part I)Edit

User                              Character         Alignment            Class
The Legend Bladers      Artix                     Good                  Paladin  
Thisistheworld                Jay                     Neutral             Assassin
ZeroBladeX                    Black                  Good            
SunBlazeReborn            Blaze                 Neutral

KyoyaBladeX                  Alex                   Neutral

Wildfang3333                 Fang                   Good
RazerVSShard               Raze                  Neutral